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Preview, Analysis Enppi vs Pharco, 23:00 on June 30th - Egyptian Premier League. Predictions, analysis of the European handicap and Asian handicap odds for the match between Enppi and Pharco from top experts.


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After 31 matches in the Egyptian Premier League this season, Enppi has earned 39 points, ranking 9th in the league table. On the other hand, Pharco has secured 41 points, placing them in 7th position with the same number of matches played. The upcoming match is seen as an opportunity for Enppi to surpass their opponent as they have the advantage of playing on their home ground.

In their previous encounter in the first half of the season, Enppi defeated Pharco with a 1-0 scoreline, despite being the away team. This gives them more confidence heading into the upcoming 90 minutes, aiming for the best possible result. Enppi's ability to capitalize on the home ground advantage is still highly regarded. In their recent 7 matches at home across all competitions, Enppi remained unbeaten with 6 victories and 1 draw.

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In terms of Asian handicap, Enppi has won all 7 matches mentioned above. On the other hand, Pharco has shown signs of declining form in recent matches. In their last 3 outings, Pharco suffered 2 losses and managed 1 draw. In their last 10 away matches across all competitions, Pharco has been unable to secure a single victory.

Analysis of the Asian handicap odds (0:1/4): In the most recent encounter, Enppi only had a 0:0 handicap and won 1-0. Therefore, with a similar handicap of -1/4 in the upcoming match, Enppi is considered a promising investment. Prediction: Enppi.

Analysis of the Over/Under odds (2): The last 3 recent matches between the two teams ended with only 1 goal scored. A similar scenario is predicted for the upcoming match as the bookmakers have set the Over/Under odds at 2, with the main odds shifting towards 1 3/4. Prediction: Under.

Score Prediction: Enppi 1-0 Pharco

Asian handicap odds: Choose Enppi

Over/Under odds: Choose Under

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