What is extra time betting? The easiest way to win for Newbies (14 อ่าน)

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Football betting is one of the most popular forms of online gambling nowadays. In particular, this is a form of betting with many diverse types of odds. Among them, extra time betting cannot be overlooked. So what are the characteristics of extra time betting? Let's follow all the content below from the bookmaker's odds site - to understand more about this topic.

What is extra time betting?

Surely some players are confused about what extra time betting is. Extra time betting, also known as additional time betting or ET (Extra Time), is the period of additional playtime of 30 minutes. Extra time in football consists of 2 halves. Each half lasts for 15 minutes and there is no break between halves. This is the decisive time for teams to score goals and also an opportunity for bettors to place additional bets. However, there are risks involved as the physical condition of each team may decrease, leading to results different from the initial predictions.

If after 2 periods of extra time the teams are still tied in terms of score, the match will move to a penalty shootout to determine the winner.

What are the basic types of extra time betting?

Usually, extra time bets are not as diverse as regular halftime bets. However, there are still many options for players to choose from. Here are some basic types of extra time bets:

Extra time handicap betting: With extra time handicap odds, bettors can place bets on both extra time halves. This includes the first extra time half and the extra time for the entire match, specifically:

Extra time handicap for the first half: This bet uses all handicap odds. It will be settled after 15 minutes of play in the first half of extra time. If the match is canceled, the first half bet will still be accepted.

Extra time handicap for the entire match: Uses all Asian handicap odds. Typically, rewards will be announced after the first 30 minutes of extra time.

Extra time 1x2 betting:

With this type of bet, players will have odds for 3 betting options: home team wins, away team wins, or a draw. Specifically:

Extra time 1x2 for the first half: Odds will be offered by the bookmaker list within the first 15 minutes of play. If the match is interrupted or canceled during the first half, the bet will be voided. However, if the interruption or cancellation occurs during the second half, the first half bet will still be settled as usual.

Extra time 1x2 for the entire match: These odds will be calculated within 30 minutes of extra time play. If the match is interrupted for any reason, the bet will be voided.

Extra time over/under betting:

This type of bet will appear when the match is tied 0-0. The odds for this bet will be offered before the first half of extra time as follows:

Extra time over/under for the first half: This type of bet will be settled within the first 15 minutes of the first half of extra time. This form will still be valid if the second half of extra time is canceled or interrupted.

Extra time over/under for the entire match: This bet will be settled within 30 minutes of extra time play including injury time. All bets will be voided if there are any issues during the extra time.

Extra time odd/even betting:

With this bet, players will base on the match score at the end to determine the win or loss. Specifically, the first half of extra time will be settled within 15 minutes of play. And the entire extra time will be settled within 30 minutes of play. If the match score is tied 0-0, it will be considered an even result.

Tips for winning extra time betting:

After learning some necessary information about extra time betting, we will provide some tips from experts for players to easily win. Players should keep these tips in mind for future use.

Analyze the difference in level between the two teams:

The difference in level between two teams will significantly affect the outcome of the match during extra time. High-level teams that cannot defeat their opponents during regular time will be determined to win during extra time. Therefore, over/under bets are often favored by many bettors in such situations. With both teams determined to win, the number of goals scored during this time will be significant. Choosing the over bets will provide you with a higher chance of winning.

In addition, players need to analyze both teams after the regular 90 minutes of play. Changes in playing style, lineup, or tactics can occur, or teams may play for a draw to go to penalties. The variations in the match will determine the success or failure of each team. Typically, new online bookmaker often offer odds of 1/4 for extra time handicaps. The under bets usually have stable odds. In this case, the under bets will be an attractive betting option for you.

Learn about the current performance of both teams:

Teams with high rankings and excellent players are often favored over their opponents. However, in the semi-finals and quarter-finals, underdog teams often have the advantage.

Throughout the history of football matches, no team has won a major tournament twice in a row, such as the Euro or the World Cup. Therefore, teams that won the previous season's championship will find it difficult to repeat that feat in the new season. So, players should avoid betting on these teams during extra time.

According to expert analysis, stronger teams and previous season champions often have a higher chance of winning penalties. However, they also have a higher chance of losing during extra time compared to other teams. Therefore, when betting, players need to accurately determine which bets to place.

Above, the odds site - wintips has compiled the best information about what extra time betting is. Hopefully, players will have an extremely enjoyable and interesting experience with betting and learn valuable insights. Wishing everyone good luck and bringing home big rewards.




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